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Advocate education and advance career opportunities worldwide enhancing knowledge and skills gaining experience in an advanced economy through rendering the best career counselling to your success journey.


To pilot each scholar accordingly to thrust the success ladder from the first endorsement of admission application, thorough and ethical guidance of the process to course completion and furthermore to elevate career pathways. Gesturing professionalism with integrity and authentic and effective medium of communication to the education providers, the world and

Thrive-Aus International is a co-founded educational consultancy service led by PG Global Migration Solution founded in the year 2007 intended to assist ambitious candidates to study and immigrants with a desire to reside promoting growth in the land down under. From the date of establishment and to post-covid, the organisation has progressed achieving greatest of milestones holding the ground firm and affirmative operating efficiently and effectively globally providing the excellent and more than satisfactory results to the clients and is claimed to attain the expertise to the highest of capability.

With the best of professionals on board and as a reputable organisation, the existence tends to be sourced throughout the Oceanica countries, that is, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Cook Islands and American Samoa. As the venture is for the Internattional market, Thrive International has also extended its angel wings to Asian and European continents and the results derived has been overwhelming.

Thrive International offers a vast variety of course programs through prominent Universities and Institutes specialising in different sectors of course programs and training which includes English tutoring providers for IELTS, PTE or TOEIC, Vocational Education Sectors (VET), Universities for Higher Education considering the students career goals and academics. Thrive consultants are glad to assist you with every aspect and obstacle to overcome and rise to your once in a lifetime experience developing morale, ethics, skills and knowledge.

From enrolments to right and preferred course program and education provider, the application process, flights, ticketing, airport pickups on arrival, finding an accommodation, Thrive ensures you to your safety, a balanced start, caring for your mental and physical health regards to the measures of COVID19 and your needs to be situated respectively and to your comfort zone. Thrive international is regarded by our clients to be an organisation providing highest standard of quality and integrity and strives to be the best ethical consultancy service provider.

At Thrive-Aus International: Migration Agent & Education Consultants in Australia, you are regarded as a most vital part of our team and road to success. As you grow, we grow. We look forward to be your priority and a part of your edge of the seat journey.